How he can lie to me and try to make me believe it, is just… well, its toxic. He’s toxic. I’m stuck, but at least i can recognize it.

He told me dude didn’t need him this week and dude told me he absolutely DID ask him to work.

Sooo, hes a friggin liar.

I have to move away from this shit, cause i really can’t deal with it. Sabotage everything just to lie to me and keep us well, poor.

I’m not supporting another man, ever again.

This is the first guy that is supporting me, ever and i hate every minute of it.


So, now i was right too, with not ever ever ever leaving my daughter alone at all with this man so i can work. Every bell goes off in my mind to never trust him annnd i Don’t.  He asked me to clean dudes house. I said that i would but that i can only do it while shes in school or on a weekend when my son is here. He tells dude thursday. Heres thursday. I told him i have responsibilities and cannot nor will i abandon them to help anyone.

So now what? I don’t have that answer.

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September 17, 2023

sounds rough, if you gotta move away to a hopefully better place do what you have to do…