I have a Twitter mutual, with whom, I ended up having a disagreement…

The disagreement was about the matter of refugees, she is a migrant too so the topic is quite close to her heart and I was being insensitive when I talked about refugees, I apologized though but I felt like she has not forgiven me, she didn’t talk to me openly again and out of nowhere today she said that she is leaving Twitter cause it’s getting to her.

We used to talk to each other before that, and we were going quite well, without any disagreements, despite having different views, but then this episode happened, she never really got annoyed at me now but she is leaving Twitter and all other social media, I gave her my personal email address, I don’t know if I should have or does it make me look like a person going out of line? I mean she had me on her personal Twitter account so she won’t mind it, right? I really hope so 😐

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