I love him but I don’t like him no more

So, the saga of my life continues as the people around me would say, but my prospect for it is I’m starting to enjoy my newly found freedom.

My Boss who was also a close personal friend who I have been with for twelve years has finally stopped believing in me, and after a few months of going through the turmoils and headaches with him we finally exploded at each other last week and now we don’t talk to each other we just coexist in the office.

This in turn has now freed up time in my day which is making me free to do stuff and enjoy them, things I didn’t have time for before and yet still they think I’m miserable!!! I’m going on leave visiting new places, I’m exercising, I have time to visit my family and see my doctors, I enjoy waking up early, and most of all I have time to hear my thoughts or thought lols.

sometimes I feel like the people around don’t really get me.


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