Maxer, You Weren’t mine, but…

I’m going to miss you.

You were the perfect counterpart to Bix. Calm, cool, collected, and loved your naps outside. However, when something was up in the neighborhood, you took charge and let everyone know that you will kick their ass if they come into your perimeter.

Your human mom and dad are devastated by you leaving us so soon. They’re going on a short trip with Bix because the house is so empty without you.

I’ve fiddled around with some pictures I got of you last time I was staying with you, and think I’m going to have this one printed out for your mom and dad.

Bork loading….

Keep watching over them for me, and hopefully I’ll see you on the other side.

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July 20, 2023

Aww such a beautiful dog.  losing them is never easy. Hope you are doing okay <3

July 21, 2023

Aw… that is a great idea for the hoomans. 🙂 What type dog was he??

December 5, 2023

@iampoesraven Obviously I never come here…. I need to do something about it. They didn’t know what he was. I think he might have had some German Shepard in him, and perhaps Aussie? hmm


January 9, 2024

Awww…his personality is so obvious from his pictures! It sounds like maybe you were a babysitter or cared for them in some capacity? Either way, its clear you formed a special bond and your love for him is beautiful. I fell in love with a dog named Bear who would make his rounds through the neighborhood and he got to where he would come stay in the backyard with my dog nearly all day some days. He had a very loving home but I suppose he just loved to visit! It was so sad when they moved.

January 9, 2024

@wheredidshego I’m a pet sitter 🙂 Best side gig in the world, except for missing my own kids while I’m away.

When I took care of Max’s siblings (his brother Bix is my best success story when it comes to me being an animal whisperer) in November it felt odd like it always does when someone I know passes away.