I’m Officially House Hunting

Having a home of my own has been my dream for forever. The only thing that has kept me from buying is my cat Jake. He is my baby and he is a special-needs cat. Hes not disabled or anything, but he is extremely needy and he gets anxiety when left alone. He does not like other cats and has to have all of the attention. Because of this I have to make sure that someone is always home when I leave for my flight attendant job.

Right now I live with my sister and her fiancé Aaron, which works out perfectly, But if I got my own place I would have to pay someone to take care of him and that is way too expensive. If I found a roomate, I still couldnt rely on them to be home enough or to give Jake attention while I’m gone. However, looking at the market and the low mortgage rates, I think that if I don’t buy now I will regret it in a few years. So I have come up with a solution! Buy a place now and rent it out until I can live there.

So I started looking…and found my dream home.😍 It’s a condo that’s in a gated community literally a mile and a half from Rachel and Aaron’s place. It’s surrounded by trees and so quiet. So I went to the bank and then talked to three different lenders to see what I qualified for. Not good news.

Even though my credit score is above 800, because of my monthly income amount and my truck loan, my debt to income ratio was too high and I did not qualify for the purchase. 🙁 Going through this process was a huge learning experience though and I’m really proud of myself.

The plan now is to get that truck paid off ASAP and start working my ass off to show higher pay stubs. I may be exhausted for a few months, but it will be worth it! Then maybe by this time next year I will qualify for a lot more!

Wish me luck!




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August 27, 2020

I wish you luck. 😉🙃

September 1, 2020