August 4th, 2018

The parking lot ‘bubble’ was nicely present when I drove in. It’s just a thing I’ve noticed over the years, that the parking tends to be in an expanding arc in front of the main entrance.  I’d venture it’s many places but I’ve never paid it any mind until now, because it’s somewhat of an indicator for the night.

So with some positive vibes from the potential crowd, I clocked myself in, did the usual change of accoutrements at my locker, and headed out to the floor. I picked up my usual $500 extra for my cash bag and headed to the bar. Cherry’s off on Saturday nights, so with our current staffing levels, that leaves me and Jerry the Older manning the Lounge.

Vera was very much into ‘let’s get the hell out of here’-land, and surprise surprise – Haley’s in the house. I’m both pleased and disappointed by this, honestly. Ah well – it’ll improve Mary’s mood for the night, so that’s something good.

The crowd was surprisingly steady, which neither myself or Jerry had been expecting, but we dealt with it just fine. He’s a good hand, and our mindsets are pretty much aligned on the way one should treat one’s co-workers. We both took our dinner breaks, and moved on to the rest of the night from there. The band from last night did their Saturday show and we tended bar.

Honestly – not a ton to talk about on this one, guys. It was a pretty average, but not unpleasant night.  S0me rules clarifications here and there, but pretty much people behaved.

Mind you – it was apparently the inagural ‘Everybody must order a Sex-on-the-Beach’ festival, but apart from that, there really wasn’t anything objectionable. Even Haley was in a better mood than on Friday night, but in fairness, she and Cherry lock horns a lot, so… -shrug-

We did have quite a few people annoyed that the service bar is shut down, with only two of us in the house, but that’s what it is. It was a new ‘top complaint of the night’ though, so I guess it was at least a novel thing.

Our new supervisor in training also shadowed Rickie around tonight. She goes by — well, I’m going to call her Angela, so she goes by that here. Apparently she has bar/golf course experience, so that’s kind of cool.  Seems nice enough.

The night closed up without any issue, and about $30 more than I made the night before, so that’s okay.


Closing Observations :

  • There’s a uniforms catalog on the back of the bar with a couple of pages marked. I refuse to get my hopes up that my Zebra skins are gonna be consigned to a fire, but… maybe.  I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • Mary and Neo were hanging out drinking after she got off work, which is pretty common. Folks do occasionally think they’re dating, but it’s really more of a sibling thing.

Next up : Sunday

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