February 6th, 2021

So Saturday Night in the lounge again…. or not!

The bossman tells me that because one of our tenders called in, he’s gonna shift me down to the service bar tonight as I did lounge last night. Seems fair,really.

That said – it was dreadfully slow. The first 2-3 hours, I barely topped $15 in tips.

Now it did pick up a bit over time – “a bit” being the operative phrase here – but people were just sucky. Little generosity, and complicated orders. SO many goddamned blended frozen drinks. Probably made a dozen “Sex on the Beach” for this girl and her friends, and she never tipped me a dime.  It’s one of those drinks that has a lot of moving parts and while it’s not horribly -complex- it does take time. A little consideration would have been nice.

I -did- find that the crossword I’d stashed last weekend was still there, and I cleared it out, and started on the Sudoku.

Got some more philosophy homework done on break too.


Overall though, it was a pretty dismal night financially, and I’m glad I have a couple days off now to not be annoyed.


Take it easy, folks.

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