January 30th, 2021

When I started writing again, I’d resolved to try to do as I’d always had – write one entry per shift.

While that’s certainly my goal, I’ve decided I’m going to release myself from feeling guilty about it if I miss one, however.

I may or may not recap missing days. Not a stress point I’m going to carry along.


That premable stated, on with the show…

I wasn’t hoping for a whole lot last night, to be honest.  The weather had been forecasting frozen doom and gloom and people have a habit of staying clear in those cases. I was not to be disappointed. The parking lot looked positievly barren, but I gamely trudged in anyway, content that at least Friday night had been pretty good, and would likely offset any shortfall tonight.

The evening was a slow parade of people. It was so slow that I was able to watch and largely pay attention to both John Wick Chapter 2, and the latter half of The Goonies. Plus do a word search, a word jumble, and a cryptoquip puzzle onthe newspaper kindly brought to me unbidden by noe of our cocktail girls.

It was so slow in fact, that they actually sent bartenders home. This is like…. finding the Hope Diamond in a garbage can rare. But I wasn’t making much, and had other things I could do. (Catching up on my sleep turned out to be my biggest one). Long story short, I took the offer and went home 4 hours early. Fine by me.


Last thought here – but explain this to me : In the last three weeks, I have seen – and I mean for the past three weekends running, without exception – halter tops. Bared midriffs and all that. On a purely aesthetic level, I’m not at all bothered by this. It’s made the evenings just that little bit more pleasant, but given how the weather outside would be more appropriate for parkas and snow pants, the choice of attire absolutely baffles me.

But you know what?  You do you, gorgeous mini-skirt and halter-top wearing college girl. You do you. I’ll just be back here sipping my coffee and whistling the Campbell’s soup jingle.


Take it easy, folks.



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January 31, 2021

I write when the feeling grabs me and hell, if that means 5 entries a day? Sure! 🙂