Diary 6

Wednesday: Relationships

This morning went really well. I couldn’t stop laughing because my pshce teacher got mad and started screaming at the class (hes freakishly short and he looks funny) and i said 5’2 with an attitude AND HE EHARD ME and me and everyone on our table was pissing ourselves. I think he tried to play it off that he didnt hear it because the conversation would be awkward, i kinda feel bad. no i dont.

Also my German teacher is literally so fine like she’s so beautiful gen think Im falling in love with her and she always looks at me in class like i always catch her looking at me LOL

its getting so boring now albert is constantly asking me about advice with my other friend Amarildo, they both like each over but wont admit it, besides, you cant really have a relationship like that in our school. you’d get burnt at the stake for it. But i still always try and convince him to do stuff w him .

Oh i also had maths and science, I’m a bit upset about all that because i didnt understand at all and I find it really hard to ask for help

I feel like I need glasses too. But i would look ridiculous. So I’m going to try and not get them until I REALLY need them.

Yesterday i was too tired so hopefully this massive entry is making up for it aha. OH also i made onion bread yesterday, picked it up from school today and it tasted disgusting. Bummer



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