I mostly get caught up in family drama.  There’s no real way to avoid that unless you get a psychologist or something and even then you cannot avoid it, it’s just preventative medicine. Even if you do have mom issues or dad issues or family issues in general they aren’t going to really know unless you tell them exactly what you say to the doctor. Relationship and friend drama never really bothered me because I am very selective in that regard.  You can’t just ghost your family, though as scary as that is.  Even if you unfriend them on Facebook they’ll still call! If you do manage to cut off your family people will hate you forever! You just can’t win. My dad told me to take down a recent Facebook post, even though every one of my friends had already seen it, and despite the fact that it was hashtagged that’s not how the internet works dude. Once it’s up there, it’s up.  Forever. I could go on and on geez. Instead of yelling I could learn parentese or spend more time with them, but that’s a vicious circle. You see? Evil.

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