Nothing says summer like a nice smile of 🍉 don’t you  think???

It is Tuesday July 18th. I thought that my procedure was today but of course it’s tomorrow.. I mixed up the dates. Argh!!! But two good things, a) I can have my bath and b) I don’t need to fast for today!!! I got in two walks around the block yesterday… I aim for 3… it seems like a good day to get out unless, it’s gonna be really hot and/or rain like hell… *sighs* It may rain today but idgaf. I will go out. 

I think I will weigh in on this with my girls… see where their heads are at. 🙂 I know Bees will be up for maybe 2, and Julz only two… bc of her legs…. and back. She’s got a trick back. I have to test my blood sugars and do my insulin v. soon. And then, after tomorrow, I will be free and clear. Thursday I want to go to either Tim’s for the afternoon, or to the Fresh Tea Shop and Econo’s. I feel like poutine. I know that will undo any walking, but….. *sighs again*

Andrea is going to be my occupational therapist. She is from the WoW group if you will remember. She is awesome. And she’s going to help me budget!! And other things!! 

So.. I am not sliding through life anymore. I’m hitting the ground running!!

I feel empowered. This is new for me!! But I like it!!!


💋 Sammy

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July 18, 2023

I love cold watermelon in the summer! mmm!

July 18, 2023

This is wonderful, Sammy. Your OT Andrea sounds fabulous. My high school friend Carol is an OT who specializes in autistic babies and young children, visiting them in their homes and helping with things like swallowing. What a noble profession OT is!

July 18, 2023

@darkmadonna Andrea is really cool. 😀 Aww… that is so cool of Carol. Yes, OTs are the best!!