So… I have discovered Virgoo… and I can watch my TWD again!!!

Cos Virgoo covers AMC+ too… as well as other channels. 🙂 And to me? I am over the moon! I have been watching The Walking Dead since day 1. 🙂 My old tv had SpikeTV on it before, then one day, it flipped from that to AMC… which was kind of bittersweet bc I love 1000 Ways to Die… and that was on Spike as well as Deadliest Warrior which btw is really cool too. But, when they announced that AMC would be showing a new zombie tv series, I was ready… I had the remote, Bees was ok, bc her medication knocked her out cold after 9pm and it was on at 9-10pm. Bees was my roomie for awhile. After that was Outi, a Finnish woman, and Bola who was from the Congo. Outi was homesick, so she left and Bola, she is a nice girl but kept me up with her radio at night. So.. a few years later Julie came onto my radar… but I digress…

So, now I can watch whatever the fuck I want bc a) it’s free, b) Julie doesn’t mind it as long as she doesn’t have to partake. 🙂 Which she doesn’t. Both Bees and Julie don’t like the blood and gore that I do. To me, again. IN HEAVEN.

Negan has turned about face recently. He looked at the wanted poster and remarked to Maggie that he was a handsome wanted man. Jeffery Dean Morgan is a bit good looking I will admit but I liked Glenn. I like my Asian guys. ♥ (no offense hopefully?)

I loved Carl the best and was really devastated when he died. 🙁 But actors are actors … as soon as they get a bit of fame they wanna move on to bigger and better stuff… like say? The movies????? Ya.

The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs teases end of series


I know bc I have acted in my day. I wasn’t paid but still…

Anyways, I’m out to watch more TWD: DC

Later gator.


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