The Goth/Lothario Travesty

The reason being why it’s a travesty, is bc some people lost it with other people and there were weddings.

Dina Caliente for Mortimer Goth, and Don Lothario for Cassandra Goth.

The aforementioned weddings.

When the weddings were happening Alexander Goth (the kid?) was alone playing tunes on the ol’ pianny.

Apparently it was not at all wanted…. some people just have no taste right?

Don has a new look. 🙂

This is Cassandra b4…

And this is her now…

Nina Caliente b4

And after…

Dina Caliente crying about maybe Don’s marriage to Cassandra? IDK…

Happier and less blonde?

Here is Alexander after I made him up… he kind of looks like Harry Potter sans scar when you first play the Goth lot

I need to know if the images go wonky, so I can upload them to somewhere else, say Blogspot. I’m sorry but WordPress bites.


PS: More to come!! Drama! More fucking drama!! Craziness? Oh hell yes!




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