Quick Ramble

Im in a great mood. Im in the middle of renovating my whole room 🙂 Well its mostly me getting new things that match and look pretty because I spent too much time thinking about whether im gonna live there and how long, for so long. This whole post will mostly be a run on sentence with horrible grammar and shitty punctuation. Sorta manic.


Anyways so i got red silky sheets, a blue solid sheet set, a pretty white comforter set, and a red comforter set, new pillows and a shoe rack for my closet. Also got a massage chair thingy for my gamer chair 🙂


My plan is to put the solid blue sheet on, take two red silk pillows, one white sham pillow) and i might give the fourth pillow to someone else… or maybe one red pillow, two blue and one sham white design-ish one? idk, ill see it when i get it.


I think im gonna be proactive this year and not travel, even though i love to.


I think im gonna just stick to upgrading my surroundings and working more on myself.  My next entry will be my New Years Resolutions.


Also, lover boy (my ex that im in love with still LOL 🙁 ) said that he lost his sense of taste today and hes super sick 🙁 i think he got the kung fluuuuuu (LOL that truly is so much fun to say) I hope he feels better soon. I wish i could feed him soup. Men are so cute and vulnerable when theyre sick, its so much fun to take care of them. Theyre big babies and LB is the biggest baby of them all. I wish i could rub his tummy <3 Oh well. Lets just act like i hired someone because im sure some otha bitch is doing it. lol Which i am grateful for 🙂 k byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Do you play the Sims??

January 12, 2021

@zombieinfusedtea no i dont lol sorry

@icanttypewithnails What do you like to play? I am mainly a simmer.. I also play Pokemon….

January 12, 2021

@zombieinfusedtea the only video games i play is my nintendo 64 tbh lol

@icanttypewithnails Animal Crossing? Pokemon Snap? OMG. <3 the n64

January 12, 2021

@zombieinfusedtea yeah hahah none of those, i suck at video games 🙁

@icanttypewithnails I put my simming on here. 🙂

January 12, 2021

@zombieinfusedtea like a video? link meeeee

@icanttypewithnails Noo.. I put the pictures on my OD. 🙂