I have never been a particularly open person, so putting my thoughts somewhere out in the world anonymously seems like a good idea.  And I had no preconceived ideas even before I signed up, so this first entry is definitely going to be somewhat disorganized.

Looking at the current state of things, it can probably be pretty distressing. I live in Canada. And I lost my job. So the news has taken up a lot more time than it used to in my day. I definitely have had my days where I feel like the world is losing its collective mind. Maybe you’ve felt that way as well.

Things aren’t that bad though.

I went for a long walk the other day.  Being a smoker and playing video games for months has definitely discouraged that aspect of my life, but it was a great walk. The sun felt good even though my hair was practically burning. I walked down to the river, underneath a busy highway bridge. It was a nice image, I have to say. All the green. The plants. Orange and yellow wildflowers. Birds singing. The lovely mosquitos of summer, too, can’t forget them.

While I sit, describing this picture, I can’t help but remember the smell of fish guts and bird poop along the riverbank. But as they say, that’s life. I really want to travel Scotland and Ireland, but it’s not hard to imagine the same scenery (and smellery) in Dublin or Edinburgh. People say Edmonton is a nice city, but when my sister moved there she complained about the smell of manure in the summer. I’m sure there’s a joke in there about culture and bad smells, but someone smarter than me can figure that out.

Things really aren’t that bad though. I went for a walk, wrote about it on the internet, and now YOU are (probably) at home reading this in comfort. I’m sitting here at home as well, hoping that 2020 can calm down for at least one day. And also hoping YOU have a nice day.

Thanks for reading.

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August 19, 2020

Welcome to OD! Sounds like a rather illicit invitation to death, but.. here we are. Happy journaling!