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July 29, 2021

Love BTVS. I love Spike the best. 🙂

July 29, 2021

@kartoffeltorte Yeah I really like Spike as well, but my all time favorite is Buffy not only bc she is the main character, but just bc I love her characters personality

July 29, 2021

@impulsivedecisions I like Willow. I like when she goes psycho. 😀 😀 😀

July 30, 2021

Love me some Buffy! I rewatch all my DVDs constantly. The whole series was free on Prime Video a couple of months ago. I rewatched it all back then, and Angel as well.

August 1, 2021

@caria Heh my mom has all the Buffy dvds and I kinda temporarily snagged them from her! Also I need to watch Angel I watched some of the show a long time ago, but never finished it