People can help

I go through lil depression pits every year or so and the last one was really bad it was back in December- Early February and I was seriously contemplating suicide. Everyday I would plan it out and think of the right time and how many notes I’d have to write, but then I met my boyfriend and just being with someone helped me so much. Before I met him I had no self confidence and was struggling really bad in school like I was failing, but being with him and having someone think I was beautiful helped me a lot and I never thought I’d ever have that. I guess what this random little insert is about just even in your most down days and hopeless days you never know what the future can bring. Don’t take your life. It’s not worth it. And both times in my life where I’ve had really bad depressive states almost out of no where people have helped me. My almost now 3 year long best friend helped me through my first bad one and my boyfriend helped me for my most recent one <3

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August 1, 2021

Yes, be positive. 😀