lil comments

So, everything is mostly done regarding the wedding. Now we’re just waiting. However, my mom constantly makes comments. Like she can be the nicest person in the world to other people, but to me, she’s such a cunt. Like she Correlates helping financially with being supportive and she doesn’t get that there’s more to it. She now has befriended this girl, who’s possibly around my age, but she’s a doctor. So now all she talks about how the girl has helped her so much and blah blah. Which is cool, she sends edible arrangements to her job, constantly bigs her up, but me. I’m nothing. She constantly makes lil unnecessary comments and it’s just so annoying. Like why. Why do you have to be like this. Like can you stfu. She literally makes everything about her. Even my wedding. She wants me to stop what I’m doing all the time to listen to her, she calls me all the time and says the same thing over and over and when I vent to her, she’s starting other convos with other people. Like how annoying is that. Or she drifts off into lala land. My mom has a good heart, she does help financially. She showers my daughter with gifts and all. But then tells me, well I hope you don’t have another baby, Bc I won’t care for that baby like I do for your daughter. Which is a crazy thing to say! And she says it in front of my fiancé. Like how hurtful is that? Like stfu. Why would you say that to me but cursed ppl out for treating my brother differently than they treated me. This bitch is ass backwards. She moves mountains for other ppl, but someone doesn’t have the same strength when it comes to me or my brother needing her emotionally. Idk man,  I just don’t know. Ps. I never realized how many times I say “LIKE” when I talk and I just annoyed myself!

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