Another Birthday Celebrated in Heaven

May 14th came and went again. Unfortunately, it fell on Mother’s Day again as it has many times over the past 20+ years. Jake would have been 32 years old.

I wanted to share that I had a great dream about Jake a bit ago. He seemed so real! I could hear his voice that was silenced on September 24,2000 when he was involved in his tragic go-cart accident. It was an amazing dream. So amazing that I could not go back to sleep and started my day at 1:30am.

Another emotional event occurred in April. My grandson is now 12 and is into video game systems. He asked about the game systems Jake played as a kid. He really wanted to have them since they were his Uncle Jake’s. I gathered them up and cannot even begin to describe the pain it brought back just touching the game controllers he last touched when he was nine years old. I gathered his game systems, games and brought them to my grandson. The saddest thing was the last game Jake played on his game system was still in the system, Twisted Metal. After almost 23 years, it is still so painful.

Grief is so hard and the journey never stops. It takes breaks along the way, like we take breaks on road trips, but it is still there.

Have a great weekend!


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