House of God

The upheaval within prevents me from stillness, but I can find calm in the momentum of mighty forces.  It takes great experiences to comprehend greatness; the real mystical.  What is this universe within me?

Ideas in the mind of god; myself and within me.  Is this place the meeting point of the ideas of god and of my own?  I’m learning to let the barrier dissolve and reconnect with the flow.  But why does time disturb me so? Deep within is the drive for immediate totality, the unison of allness and oneness within my arms, eyes and heart.  All is within me yet not in front of me.  She has begun to appear in my dreams, after so insistently making home in my heart.  Yet, she will not appear in front of me and will hold back the forces of fate to do so.

It takes great time for the drama to unfold and expose one new piece of the soul.  When I let the walls down I feel the certainity and power that the flow of life is real and good.  Even though I feel you within, I hate to wait for the next act to unfold.

lightning struck the house of god and I’ve just begun to recover my senses.

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