My Life Story Part 1

I was born into a family where addiction problems were alive. My “Sperm Donor” (Biological Father) was abusive, manipulative, and suffered from Bipolar Depression. My mother was talked into drugs and since addiction was a big struggle in my family she couldn’t stop. I was taken home from the hospital by my aunt, and at the time she was closest to mom. When I call my Birthfather my “Sperm Donor” I don’t mean it literally he is just not present in my life and I do not want him there. Around age two my Mother decided to get addiction help so she moved to a women’s treatment facility in Seattle. My aunt would drive me up to Seattle every other week so I could spend the week with her. She was doing fine until my “Sperm Donor” decided that he should be with her, so he showed up and got my Mother back on her addiction. She hid him in the closet. I remember telling my aunt and mother about hearing voices in the closet. My aunt must’ve thought it was my imagination, and my mother wouldn’t tell me the truth. One day my mother and the “Sperm Donor” got into a fight, and I personally remember him hitting her, then the police show up. The red and blue lights on the ceiling, and my mother telling me to play on her phone whenever I tried to turn around. I can remember playing an animal noises game. The court put me up for adoption when I was around the age of 5 because my mother wouldn’t keep the “Sperm Donor” away from me and he was very unsafe. Even though I wasn’t living with my mother the “Sperm Donor” would sit at the driveway of my aunt’s house and yell, he’s my kid or he belongs to me. I was adopted by my cousin, which was a huge adjustment. They already had two kids, a 5-year-old, and a baby. They became my siblings. As I grow up with my new family it was a very hard struggle. Around the time the Adoption process was started I started having symptoms of ADHD. I was in kindergarten and I was going through so many different medications, and this medication “trial” lasted into first grade. My health insurance said they are going to stop paying for my medication, because I was going through too many, and my Mom fought back and took them to court. In first grade, we found one that actually worked.  Around third-fourth grade, I started having more symptoms for a different problem. I was later diagnosed with anxiety that was bad enough to require medication. About a year later my ADHD medication stopped working, so I had already been through most of the ADHD medications, so we tried one more and it worked and still does.

If you guys want to hear more but on more recent life I would be happy to write. Just say so!

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