So Much to Deal With


    After 9 years I finally told my parents that I think I have symptoms of depression and anxiety.  Normally I try to just put the pieces back together myself, but this break up was way too hard and I can’t do it alone anymore.  I was very surprised with the reaction I got from my mother….she was extremely supportive and grateful that I came to her.  If I had known that she would react so well I would have confessed to her years ago in high school when I was feeling the worst. 

     I drove the 6 and half hours back home and we went to a doctor today about getting me on some anti-depressants.  The doctor was a wonderful woman who pinpointed everything I’ve been feeling since I was about 13 and made me feel a lot better about bringing this out in the open.  I told her that I’m not like this all the time, but 75% of the time I feel hopeless and anxious.  She said it was time to stop feeling like that, and then she wrote me a prescription for Zoloft.  I don’t think my mom was elated when the doctor told her I may have to be on it for the rest of my life, but after my mom asked a few questions the doctor talked away her fears. 

    I think today was a very big fork in the path of where my life is leading.  Today was a new page, and although it was scary as hell to face my family with it, I did it and now I’m finally getting the help I need.  I wish I had been courageous enough to do this years ago.  Maybe then I could have saved myself from so many dark days and nights…

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*hugs* good for you on getting help. i was depressed for 5 or more years before getting help. i was on Zoloft too and with therapy i only needed it for a year. so maybe you won’t need it forever!

October 12, 2007

Good luck lady. I went through it too. I’ve suffered from depression since i was about 11 believe it or not. I got help last year. Saw a psychologist and started meds. and saw a psychiatrist for the meds. I didn’t have the best luck with the 5 pills a day he eventually had be taking. So be careful. I eventually decided that wanting to feel like killing myself even more and continuing to raise

October 12, 2007

dosages was not the right thing to do. I didn’t care what he said. I think I would have been just fine had I only been on anti-anxiety meds. I quit cold turkey and it was a really painful 3 weeks. I felt WAY better when the whithdrawl was over. But of course still not perfect. I proceed then only to take the anti-anxieties when I felt I needed it. And Now I’m completely balanced and happy and

October 12, 2007

and functional. No meds. No doctors. So just be careful. Make sure your therapist is really getting the right information from you and that they’re attacking the source of your problems. Not just the symptoms. Research your meds. I just wanted to share the reason I think these things should not be taken lightly. They can do as much bad as they can good. good luck dear.

October 12, 2007

Good luck girl! You’ll make it. Good job recognizing what was wrong. I think some people never want to admit when things suck. Hope things continue to get better.