Been a rough week

Since he kicked me out. Yes I do mean what I said. He kicked me out on Memorial day of his house and I went home at 8am. No one in my house knows what really happened just that we broke up. There is two people that really know that happen but they wont say anything.

Im supposed to go to Lake Eola with his roommate Sylvia today. I hope it works out because I dont want to be home. I hope that he doesn’t show up and that she doesnt tell him. He hangs in that area and can just take the free bus to where we are and I really dont want to see him.

I gotta make some calls today to my insurance. I finally found a possible eye doctor but I need a referral from my doctor. Problem is, my doctor no longer takes my insurance so Im going to see if I can have the insurance fax over a referral for me.

Had a meeting with the owner of the house yesterday. Her kids came with. They are so much fun to hang out with. Its refreshing really bc of all that crap that goes on here.

I got about 11 random books from the library. Ill list them all in a little while. So with that said heres some pictures. I still cant find what I did with my Sims 3 pix

This is me and my sister Julie after my mom died. We were at the lake my mom loved going to. I always drove there almost a daily basis more than once.

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June 4, 2021

That’s a really great picture. How are you doing today?

June 5, 2021

@icchyb Hey yesterday was a rough day. Thoughts of him alot and what not. Im staying home this weekend. Being friends with his roommate is hard sometimes. So Im going to keep my distance this weekend and see how that goes.

Hope you had a good week xo

June 5, 2021

@justholli1972 Icky week for me but it’s over now. 🙂 I think staying home or going somewhere on your own is a good plan. Lick those wounds and give yourself some time to heal!


June 5, 2021

@icchyb I got about 11 library books next to me that I want to dive into. I have to help the girls in the room across the hall to pull their beds out and vacuum the whole floor. My roommate is in psyche so this should be a good weekend to start healing from a 4 year whatever.

June 5, 2021

@justholli1972 wishing you peace


June 5, 2021

@icchyb Sorry you had a not so hot week. I hope this one coming is better.

June 5, 2021

@justholli1972 Thanks! I’m going to will a good week into existence.