PCP hunting

Its hard to find a PCP when you are on disability. Mostly the doctors that I have seen lately are from clinics and thats not what I would like to have. At this point I really do not have a choice.  The doctor I went to yesterday all he did was ask me questions from the questionnaire that I already answered and listened to me breathe and left. WTH? I had a few questions and things I needed to be looked at. So now I gotta call the insurance people back and have them send me more doctors. The doctor they sent me too was 45 mins from my house. The hospital that I usually go to, is 45 mins the other way! Somethings gotta give. My psyche doctor is just around the corner lolol.

Meds – Fluoxitine 25

Hydro – 50

Quetiapine (sp) is 100


Plus thyroid meds, bp meds, and ib profrin for my blood clot in my right leg. Its superficial ?


Nothing else going on. I really didnt want to have another month of this diary but I got it any way because I forgot to take off my credit card. Im at the boyfriends house and hes outside. Im getting kind of hungry. Just took my meds. We are waiting on the landlords son to come and fix his tv.

I am no longer the house manager of where I am living. I have decided that with the reaction from the instructor to the past decisions that I have made, and her comments and how she literally tells me my opinions, thoughts dont matter above the people of the house. I told the whole house yesterday do not call me for anything that happens in the house. I am done making decisions. Everything that YOU trained me to do, YOU told me it was wrong so I am done. I am now going to look for somewhere else to live . We’re trying to look into where boyfriend lives bc his roommate is about to be evicted buahahaha.

I have a lot of pictures to post and what not will do it later.


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July 8, 2021

Nice that docs actually care eh? /sarcasm *hugs*