Don’t just stand there busta move

Vickie would not let up on the texting so I finally gave her what she wanted. 


Apparently, she and Roger were fighting because he won’t tell her what I do for work and a few other details she is digging for.


I do NOT understand why she cares. I do NOT.


She claims she doesn’t want to hurt me with the information but I can think of no other reason she would need it if not for that. Maybe she wants to win and get what he doesn’t want her to have and it’s all one big power struggle between the two of them. 


Well, Roger doesn’t have to protect me any longer.


I released him from that responsibility when she made it known that she had my address. What was left to protect me from after that? At this point, what does it matter if she knows what I do for a living and what my relationship status and living situation is?


I refused to divulge private sexual matters between Roger and I and I never will.


I even showed her a picture of what I look like so that she can stop driving herself insane. She tried to convince me that not knowing these things causes her pain. She used the words “driving myself insane” and said it was making her a “psycho bitch.”  


Well, there you go. Now you know everything. Do with that shit what you will but I’m done hiding. 


I sincerely hope this brings her some kind of peace. I no longer feel hatred towards her. I feel compassion. She reached out to me and got a fucking earful. And she was decent enough to listen and SHE apologized.


In the end, closure came from the least likely source. Vickie.


The one I thought hated me the most is the one that showed me some form of grace and kindness.


Either that, or I just walked into the biggest trap of my life. I’m so exhausted that I don’t even care anymore. I can’t control what she does with her new knowledge, and I’m not gonna tip toe around landmines in my own back yard.


Worse thing she can do is sell me out to Roger’s wife so she can cut off my tail with a butcher’s knife like the three blind mice. Vickie said Roger fell back in love with his wife. Wtf? 


Well Hickory Dickory Dock. 


Get busy sucking that cock.


Ask your husband. He will tell ya his favorite line… 


It ain’t gonna suck itself


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