Fool me once…

Vickie, you need to take your own advice.

Cuz you’re still hanging around.

He put you out in the street, cheated on you and took his wife back over you. You claim he gave you a stroke. He gave you shelter and then took it away. Now you’re doing what you busted ME out to his wife for… cheating with a married man. Hypocrite much?, Lol.

You wanted my name so you could hurt me and control me and get what you think is the upper hand. I knew all along you weren’t a good person. My first clue? You repeatedly telling me you are a good person and you don’t lie. If you didn’t lie, you wouldn’t have to tell anyone that because it’s kinda a given that most people DON’T lie. Basically you were preparing me to be lied to.

So, next time you think you are going to get an answer from me when you’re looking for him, I’m not giving you the satisfaction of responding.

Neither of you plan on leaving each other. And you are getting what you deserve right now.

And I don’t have to look for my lover.

I KNOW where he is. I TRUST him.

Maybe it ain’t karma that bit you in the ass, girl. Maybe It’s stupidity. And you’re your own worst enemy.

Don’t bother calling. I ain’t your insurance policy.

Your “kindness” is just manipulation of me because you don’t trust your lover. You’re using me to assuage your paranoia.

Which, by the way, if you haven’t heard…

Will destroy ya.


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