Say it one more time…

The next time Vickie tells me to come get Roger cuz she no longer wants him, I’m calling her bluff. 


I’m going to tell her where to drop him off at AND my ETA. I’m going to send her a checklist of stuff to pack in his suitcase.


Because I still love him. Even though she said he called me a bitch. Even though she informed me that when she first put him on blast, he planned to dump ME, HER, AND his wife. Even though he told her he cheated on me the whole time he was with me. 


And just because she doesn’t get to “give”  him away at random. He isn’t a possession. He isn’t a throw away person. He has value to me. She doesn’t get to use him as a pawn, dangling the hope of his sobriety in front of me knowing I would trade anything to make him better. That’s a special kind of mean. 


She really has no scruples when it comes to inflicting pain and she knows how to deliver it in many forms. Then SHE claims to be the victim. 


Yup. If it happens again, I will straight up tell her to put his ass out on the corner to wait for me and that she better say what she needs to say to him before I get there because he ain’t coming back. 


Five bucks says that takes care of her for good. 


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