chemicals between us

 writing an entry from my phone, forgive me. for all of my rationalizing and analyzing, just cannot seem to crawl out from under this crushing overwhelming sadness, anxiety. the physical pressure is building in my body and feels like my head and all my limbs could be blown off at any moment. it would be a relief. so frustrated that I cant  figure out he root of this and work through it rationally. could it really be chemicals? hormones? psychological?  i can’t  find the right angle to fight his from. need help.  dont know what anyone could do or why they would care.

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August 6, 2013

Few questions. Why should someone have to care? Caring isn’t the only reason to do something. Why do you think you can rationalize something that is inherently not rational? Emotions are emotions; they have patterns but rational they are not. The realm of rationality lies with thought, not emotion. Why crawl out from under? Like mma, contort to the situation. If what your instincts say…

August 6, 2013

…you need to crawl out from under something and it isn’t working, do something that your instincts say not to do. You’ll find methods of dealing with yourself eventually that way. Try new things, don’t just repeat the old. Finally, why do you need to get to the root? The more you delve into dark things the more they drag you down. A particular quote about the abyss comes to mind.