Raza is coming soon, so I have to get ready for him. He will be coming 10-10:30a. My back is hurting me once more. I can’t wait to get my new bed, it will be the best. But the thing is, I will have to shuffle some things about my room, bc it is a twin xl bed, and I will need to clean underneath my bed too. Things have a way of being shuffled under there. LOL!!

I will play the Sims after Raza departs. Or after my walk after lunch. It all depends on time. I might have time later this afternoon. I will take more pix from around the block… it gets tedious at times but still.. I am getting pin tomorrow. I intend to get a new game … maybe Pokemon Snap? Whatever I can get for $75 worth of eShop cards.

I am just relaxing with Bees and Julz. We are making plans for the weekend. Not much is happening this weekend… it’s kind of boring… really.

I gotta jet. It’s coming up to ten.

Sammy xoxo


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July 28, 2021

The new bed should be so nice for your back. I hope you get it soon!

July 28, 2021

@heffay 💖