Bees’ Tik Tok debut

Here she is! —> click! She and I are in my room and I do excuse the mess. I need to get my room cleaned b4 my bed comes… God only knows what’s underneath my bed. (horrors upon horrors, perhaps???)

Well.. I’m going to wait patiently (even though I have 0% patience) for Dave to arrive. Waiting is so fecking hard though when you  want to go out and about? I have decided to get Miitopia. IDK if y’all know about that one. I MIGHT get Pokemon Snap! IDK… what do y’all think??

I hear a dog barking outside bc my window is open and I can hear pretty much anything, I hear someone’s stereo, traffic on Davis Drive… the trees swaying in the wind… this cool weather maybe a harbinger of autumn? Perhaps. I am perceptive to minutiae.

What are y’all up to these days???

Sammy xoxo

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