Day Two

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This isn’t an easy question to answer, but, I have two instances… years ago, Eleanor, my foster mother, told me that I was no angel. I haven’t forgotten that. and the second is from a letter to me from my birth mom. She told me that every time my birthdays rolled around, she thought of me which is hogwash. I believe Dad does but Mom? Nope.


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September 29, 2021

Why do you say that it is ‘hogwash’ that your birth mom thinks of you on your birthday?

I would like to believe that even though sometimes parent and off spring relationships are screwed up and people choose other things (drugs/alcohol/money) over their own blood, they has to be some kind of connection and love between the two.

Okay I know it is just a fiction story and a tv series but have you ever watched/read ‘Firefly Lane’? I mean yes ‘Tully’ has a messed up mother who is totally whack but on some level I do believe that he mother did/does love her, but she was just caught up in drugs and the high/hippie life and wasn’t able to be a mother so she did what she can by giving her away. I actually do feel like I can relate to ‘Tully’

Even though it may be hard to believe and we might not hear it we all need to know that we are loved someway and even though our mother/father did shit things to us and for us that when they have their moment of clarity it is for our own good to believe them.

September 29, 2021

@ncumisa Lots of reasons, she is a basketcase, she is a nurse who deals with addicts when she was a druggie and and alcoholic. She gave me up to a pair of violent alcoholic foster parents.

Bees, Julz and my “mom” is all I need.

September 29, 2021


September 29, 2021

@ncumisa 🙂

September 29, 2021

Who is an angel?? Not I!

September 29, 2021

@solovoice yes 😄