Good evening..

Today was a great day. I had a bout of sleep paralysis this afternoon during my nap. Annoying and scary af. I am going to take a picture of a plant outside my house that @ghostdancer GD might know of, my brother Ry’s golden retriever eats it like it’s going out of style. I am not too sure if Ollie should snarf it down… like I said, tomorrow…

Friday, Bees and Julz and I are headed to the Splash pad after lunch, and for Econo’s for our first real meal on the town. I am having a panzerotti with bacon crumble instead of pepperoni. That should be good. Then, if we can, hit an ice cream truck and get some soft serve ice cream and that will be my early birthday celebration. And I can have whatever Mom makes for that day.

Since it is hot out, I’ll be sleeping sans comforter, just on the sheet with my pillows and my wedge for my feet.

So, the things I have to do for tomorrow, get the $35 from Mom and take a pic of that plant for GD. 🙂 And Friday we get our baths, and we go out to the Splash pad and then Econo’s for supper and an ice cream treat later on.

Got it.

Sammy xoxo


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June 9, 2021

So who’s that in the picture?

June 10, 2021

@ghostdancer The Sex Pistols. 🙂

June 10, 2021

@kartoffeltorte Ah.  I’m obviously still old, they’re after my time …😁

June 10, 2021

@ghostdancer I am pretty young to have been liking them but idgaf.