Pokemon Moon and birthday cake..

It is Jotee’s 70th birthday today and we are having birthday cake!! We vote for the next Prime Minister (or re-elect) the 20th of this month. I am voting Liberal as always… my local rep is Tony van Bynen. So… hopefully Justin will get in again.

Ah politics. Ya gotta love that shit eh? LMAO!!!!!

This week is quiet. The only things I have is Tuesday and Friday bath days, group on Friday, and our weekly Tims and dollar store run on Wednesday.

Ok, back to Pokemon Moon which I am thinking of doing a Nuzlocke challenge. But instead of releasing my fainted pokemon, I’m wondertrading them.



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September 13, 2021

I like the word “wondertrade” but admit I have no idea what it is.  We have so many similarities yet we are so different!!  <3

September 13, 2021

@novembercirese https://pokemonlp.fandom.com/wiki/Wonder_Trade#:~:text=Wonder%20Trade%20is%20a%20feature,Plaza%20(in%20Generation%20VII).