Those dog days of Summer

Seeing Ollie up there in the heat, it makes me think of summer’s dog days (which if I’m not mistaken, are in August?)

I always try to include that song around this time. 3-3:30-ish. IDKW though…

I might go back to sleep. I might search for my external HD bc I gave Julz the Dell, because I found my old trusty Toshiba. Yeah, Ikr? It was in the bottom of a bag that Ry brought down from Bola’s room bc Lucy Ianonne is back! She is the sweetest girl. ❤

So, how are you these days? Keeping cool? Or enjoying the heat like dear Kat @kaliko?

Tell me.


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July 6, 2021

Hi Ollie 😍

July 6, 2021

@depresso he is a cute doggo.

July 6, 2021

That’s a nice song…and all is well