Feeling better + Florida tomorrow!!

Before I begin, everyone should watch this because it’s funny: http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1825142

I’m feeling better from yesterday, I was just kind of annoyed by a lot of things, and arguing about cleaning just kinda threw me off.

I love my parents, don’t get me wrong, they are not horrible people. They are just, horribly horribly mislead. You see, they are the kind of people that get on other people’s cases about being "brainwashed" by religion or other things, but at the same time, if you think about it, they are pretty brainwashed too. Let me find the definition of being brainwashed:

brainwash (n): Intensive, forcible indoctrination, usually political or religious, aimed at destroying a person’s basic convictions and attitudes and replacing them with an alternative set of fixed beliefs.

My parents fall under that category too, because they don’t really have an open mind. I almost fell into that trap as well. I almost was set out to believe that all sorts of things were wrong…that having a religion is bullshit, that it was bad to loose your virginity before high school, that people who get pregnant at age 16-25 is bad, that drinking is bad, etc etc etc. My parents just have all these strong views on issues, and they won’t change their mind about shit. I would call that being brainwashed, if I do say so myself.

My parents are just so blind to a lot of things…like when they asked me if I was an alocoholic for asking if I could get ONE martini at the Cheesecake factory. It wasn’t even going to be a dry martini, I was going to get a freaking strawberry martini with probably only 5% alcohol in it. And yet they feel the need to ask me if I’m an alcoholic. I wasn’t planning on drinking any more that evening, I just wanted a nice drink with my dinner…and when I asked for the martini, my mom was like, "Just because your 21 doesn’t mean you have to drink." And I didn’t really know what to say to that…and then my aunt was like, "I get on your mom’s case about drinking, what makes you think it will be any different for you?" And then, I tried to stick up for my mom, I said, "Well, I am confident that mom is not an alcoholic, she is an adult, and drinking is a choice that she makes herself." And I basically told her that she shouldn’t interfere if mom wants to drink a little bit. My mom isn’t an alcoholic, I know she isn’t. She only has like a glass of wine every now and again, that doesn’t make her an alcoholic at all. So, when I tried to stick up for my mom, her reply, instead of thanking me for standing up for her, was, "Well, the difference is that I only drink wine, you are asking for a martini…" And of course I wasn’t going to say anything back to that, because arguing with my parents is like arguing to a brick wall…you don’t really get anywhere with it, no matter what you say to them.

But I mean, how stupid of a response is that? Drinking wine is somehow different from drinking a strawberry martini? They might be different substances…but what do both contain? Alcohol. So really there isn’t much of a difference.

But then, after that, my aunt continues to get on my case about it, being all like, "When you were a kid, you always said, ‘I’ll never drink ever…no matter what…I won’t drink, even when I’m 21, I won’t drink.’" And yeah, that was true, when I was younger…from about like 4th grade til my senior year of high school, I was completely against the idea of drinking. I thought that anyone that drank before they were 21 were stupid and careless. That is how much control my parents had over me. They almost brainwashed me, into a zombie or something to that nature. I have to say that I feel good having a mind of my own now, being free of their control now. When I moved out of their household, I still felt very strongly about drinking. But, I realized after a while that it was getting in the way of other people’s good time.

I remember a time when I went to California with Mike. We stayed with his high school friend, Matt. We were playing Monopoly, I think…and I think they were playing a drinking game, where everytime you got free parking, or passed go…I forget which, you had to take a shot, or something like that. I was either 18 or 19 at the time, I forget which. But like, we had brought wine coolers, because if I were going to drink at all, I wanted it to 1) taste good and 2) contain very little alcohol. But I decided that I didn’t want to drink that night, and I told Mike that if I didn’t want to drink, I didn’t really want him to drink either. I was completely unreasonable at the time. The more and more Matt and his roommate drank, the more uncomfortable I started to feel. I was afraid they would get sick, I was afraid that they would start acting stupid, I was just fearful of a lot of things. So, I end up getting down to my last few dollars at Monopoly, and finally I decide that I don’t really want to play anymore, so I go to sleep. Mike stays up to play with them though.

So, then later on, Mike comes in, and his breath smells like the wine coolers. He had had two of them. I was PISSED AS FUCKING HELL at him over this. Keep in mind this was forever ago, if this were to happen now, I would be totally fine with it. But like, I accused him of being drunk (LOLOLOL off of two wine coolers, WTF?!?!), I accused him of drinking without my permission (he would have been like 23 or 24 at the time, MAN was I a jerk!), and the more we fought about it, I finally threatened to break up with him. Can you believe that? That is how totally freaked out I was about drinking. To threaten to break up with my boyfriend at the time, now my fiance, over drinking two wine coolers. Yeah, that was the old me. That was what my parents had brainwashed me to think.

I guess this is a lesson though, to think about. Reflect on yourself. Don’t just take the advice your parents give you all the time. Have your own mind. Think for yourself. Make decisions based on what you experience, and not what you hear from people. Give things a chance.

But yeah, so the old me said that drinking was not ok under any circumstances. The new me thinks that drinking is ok in moderation. I usually don’t like to drink more than what will get me tipsy, but that is just my personal opinion. I am not an alcoholic by any means, I just like to drink in social settings and have a good time. I don’t feel that there isn’t anything wrong with that. And I am angry at society for making people that drink look like they are monsters or something. I mean, yeah, there are alcoholics out there, and I feel sorry for those people, but I mean, that is the way they want to spend their life. I mean, yeah you can take them to rehab, but I mean, why do a lot of people go back to their old ways after leaving rehab? Because drinking is not something that they want to give up in their hearts. Alcohol is a lot of people’s escapes. It takes them away from reality and makes them feel good, even if they pay serious consequences later, whatever they may be. It’s pretty much the same cycle with any addiction problems. It’s hard to give up what you don’t want to give up. Same goes with eating bad foods, smoking, eating disorders, psychological disorders, fears….pretty much anything

under the sun.

Like, I sorta have a problem right now. At the beginning of the year, Mike and I decided that we wanted to be vegans. We read "Skinny Bitch," and several other health related books, and we made a personal decision to remove meat from our diets (except for sushi), and start eating organic vegetables, fruits, and products derived from plants, not animals. We knew this was a healthier lifestyle, and Mike and I both want to live a long time. I am also scared of getting fat, because my parents are fat. I am thin, but so were my parents when they were my age…when they grew up over time, they got fat. So I am scared shitless of looking like them someday. I don’t want to be that fat. But, as I’ve read, meat is the cause of obesity gain, if there is no exercise involved of course. I do understand there are a lot of meat eaters that are thin. That is probably because of a good metabolism and good exercise.

Anyways, to my point, I became vegan, and things went well at first, but then I just started getting cravings, and we kept going to restaurants with our friends that just didn’t have any vegan options, and it was very frustrating. I never had the temptation to eat meat, as I have never really liked meat my whole life. But there were some things that I just wanted to bend the rules for…more specifically…cheese, cream, dairy products, etc etc. Even dairy products are bad for you, but going back to my point: it’s hard to give up what you don’t want to give up, even if you know it’s good for you.

So, now I fall more under the vegetarian category…actually…I think I am a pescetarian. That is a vegetarian that only eats fish as a meat product. Sushi is just too good to deny.

But I do try to get good exercise, once I am done with school, which hopefully will be soon, I plan on starting to jog more often, purchase a bike to go biking, and to keep rollerblading and playing DDR/ITG/PIU. I plan to fight obesity and stay healthy at the same time 🙂

OKKKKKKK on to my second line of business…..TOMORROW I AM GOING TO TAMPA, FLORIDA WITH MIKE AND FOUR OF MY FRIENDS!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOO! I am way excited 🙂 Kara, Kylene, and Tim are all going to be spending the night here tonight, and tomorrow we are going to be leaving REALLY early, but then we will be soaking up the sun in Florida!! I couldn’t be more excited. For serious. This trip is going to rock my fucking socks off.

NOT TO MENTION THE OPENING CEREMONIES FOR THE OLYMPICS IS FRIDAY EVENING!!! ASDFJKASDFJKASDFJaksdgjaksdfjkadff!!!!! SOOOO awesome, I love the opening ceremonies! I’m especially excited that the opening ceremonies are being held in Bejing, I expect to be fucking amazed.

Oh and for those who don’t keep up with this kind of thing, the 2012 Olympics will be held in London. I did my research 😀

I will miss my diary, but I will probably not update much during my trip for the obvious reason that I will be in Florida, and will have no time for internetz. But I will keep you all in mind and I hope that you all have a nice week coming up! I will take lots of pictures for sure!! AHHHH FLORIDA HERE I COME!!!

Amore mucho,


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August 6, 2008

Technically I think it’s indoctrination, not brainwashing. It’d be brainwashing if they were suddenly converted to a anarchic mindset and started protesting against the fundamentals of society and had promiscuous sex because someone forced them to act and think that way. If they’ve always been that way then it’s their lifestyle. Just your friendly neighborhood etymology Nazi. Have fun in Florida!