Long Time

It’s been a while. We’re finally back on track! I don’t even remember when the last time I wrote was, but last October Darryl got a much better job! He’s working with steel and between that and me getting two raises, we’re finally comfortable! We completely caught up with everything with our tax refund and we’re just trying to put money aside for me to finally finish my degree and to pay off the house next year. There’s plenty of repairs that still need to be done, plus we’re remodeling everything, one room at a time once it’s paid off. My anxiety has been really bad recently. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s so bad that I can’t even concentrate. I’m trying my best to cope, but damn, some days are nearly impossible. We’ve been through some shit this past year, but we’re working through it. Before the shit storm, we’d decided to try for another baby. Probably around the last time I wrote/he got the new job. I was shocked to see a positive literally the first month, but unfortunately it faded over the next two days, so there’s another angel in our lives. The shit storm started before we were able to try again, so that’s been on hold since. Not sure if we’re going to try again or not. Thought I was this month, after being sick for a few weeks with no obvious reason, but every test has been negative, so it’s likely stress related. Anxiety does cause issues there, so I almost guarantee it’s from that. Not too much else going on at this pont. Darryl called his dad today after 6 years. He’s done a lot of growing over the last few years and wants to repair the relationship between them. He’s also mostly repaired his relationship with his mom, but he’s had to set a lot of boundaries with her. I miss writing, its so calming. My anxiety has calmed a ton in the hour or so (I was also grilling lol) since I started writing. I don’t guess there’s much else. Work still has the same drama. It makes me want to cry sometimes. So did working with three pregnant women. One was due like a month before I was. I was due at the end of May. One of the girls is due this Thursday and the other the first week of July. Two quit, one just after returning from leave. The one due next week hasn’t been working, but she’s actually a hell of a worker. The timing just really sucks. I’m just glad its about to be over. Anywho, enough rambling, kiddos to tend to. See ya’ll in the next one!

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