Candi Sushi.

 Great, now I want some Candy Sushi.  Oh, and now I see I mis-spelled Candy in my title for some brain fart reason and it sounds like I’m talking about some asian porn actress.


Anyway, Guacamolee had an entry with some Candy Sushi.  This I believe finally has become a form of sushi that I like!  Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to think of the basically infinite variety of sushi out there, that there must be some I like, however of the couple I have tried, I have not enjoyed them.  Probably more difficult since I’m quite picky when it comes to veggies, seafood and their forms/cooking/etc.

I’m thinking Candy Sushi is perhaps not as an authentic asian cuisine, but I’m going to stand up and say I think I’d like it just the same.


I won’t steal Guacamolee’s pics, so let me see if I can Google some…

OMG…  That was a mistake…  No really, go to Google Images and type in Candy Sushi…  I dare you…  NOM NOM!!!  Let me give you an idea of what I’m looking at cause really, I doubt you actually did that search on your own now did you?  Naughty naughty!


Look at all that yummy candy sushi!!!!


So, if you’re like me (and come on now, I know that I’m the biggest freak so NONE of you are like me)…  But if you WERE…  You’d be saying something like.  "Woah hoah there buddy…  That candy sushi does like rather pretty and playful…  But just what the heck IS it?!"  And you may(like me) have guessed that the round ones have fruit roll-up as the outer layer…  But what’s inside?  That’s when Guacamolee told me.  Frickin’ Rice Krispy Treats.  Well, ok she didn’t say Frickin’, but she could have.  I’m saying it now.  Frickin’ Rice Krisky treats…  And I guess some gummy or other what have you in the center.  Apparently you just kinda lay it all out flat, roll it up and slice it up.  How awesome is that?!

I know, mind blown, right?  I know what you’re thinking.  "Dude, why are you even bothering to keep typing?  I have long since left the computer and am currently in my kitchen right now, yanking fruit roll-ups, rice krispy treats and GUMMY BEARS out of the cupboards and making my own awesomeness right now. So you might as well just shut up!"

And you know what I say to that?  You Go You.  You make those awesome Candy Sushi’s!  (just make sure to send some to me).


I swear I still want to type CandI instead of Candy. And really, I’ve only kinda known one person for a while named Candi.  Weird.  Maybe I’m just feeling asian and i seems more common than y.  No, really that might be it.  Cause what’s the next word? SushI, not SushY…  Yeah, I may have to start a trend and start calling it Candi Sushi on purpose.  Either that or start a porn company.  That is the best way to make money on the internet after all…


I really need to make some of this myself…  My immediate issues with this are because of two things I am trying to avoid at the moment.  What are those two things you ask?  (Oh fine, I know you didn’t really ask, but if you didn’t run to the kitchen and are still reading this you might be thinking something like "Yeah, I didn’t ask but you might as well tell me since I’m still here reading this and you brought it up you nioncompoopy head!").  Well, let me tell you:

1) I am trying not to eat as much or as bad.  though Sushi is rather small, so it might not be TOO bad…

2) I am trying not to spend money.  (yet somehow it’s hard to do things like eat or get to work or keep warm, etc. without spending money, but you know, trying not to spend as much).


Ah, come to think of it, I’d probably have to make my own rice krispy treats for this to work very well.  I believe I’ve done that a time or two and it seemed kinda like a pain…


Who knows.


Anyway.  I hope you have a LOVELY Candi Sushi Weekend!

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January 27, 2012

the i is more appropraite because sushi ends with i lol better thand candy sushy lol. mmmmm sushi lol! 🙂

January 27, 2012

haha! oh this made me laugh. you can use the already wrapped crispie treats (that’s what i did). might have to unwrap a bunch, but it’s less annoying than dealing with stirring up the stickies. make them on a cheat day because it’s impossible to have just a sample. you’re going to want to hide in the closet with them. don’t worry. i won’t tell!

January 27, 2012

I’ll admit, I was expecting some sort of hentai something or other… But this is so much better! Sounds like a great party idea. Nom, indeed.

January 27, 2012

I’ve never tried sushi of any kind – but with candy in it sounds quite tempting…

January 27, 2012

Candy sushi always sounds good. But a good old california roll or avacado roll or hell even a tamago roll wouldn’t go amiss from time to time.

January 27, 2012

I remember making candy sushi for a culture fest since I wasn’t really going to bring in sushi for everyone in school. But I’ll take shrimp tempura, avocado rolls, and Alaska rolls over candy sushi any day.

January 27, 2012

I think the sugar coming through the screen made you a little loopy! That stuff looks AWESOME! RYN Thanks for passing that on. We already have one for her. It is advertised all over around here.

January 27, 2012

Definitely a sugar photo overload for you! Sounds interesting.

January 27, 2012

OMG this entry cracked me up. You eat that candy candi sushi, boy! Also, if you pretend it’s real sushi, it’s not bad for you at all! It doesn’t sound good to me at all. I don’t think that medley of textures is for me. But you go enjoy.

January 27, 2012

I had Sushi tonight! Unfortunately it was not candi sushi.

January 29, 2012

RYn There were these wavy tubes, like you had to go up, and then down, and then a platform, and then another wavy tube where you had to go up to get to the slide. Well by that time she was rather tired because she had done it several times. She was totally stuck on that platform. She couldn’t make it up the slope of either tube. She tried and tried and just kept sliding down and couldn’t get up poor thing…