Unrequited love again?

I have really strong feelings for this man I know. We met almost 10 years ago. Back then we almost dated, but he reconciled with his ex who had children. I could really understand working things out with an ex, especially when there are children involved even if they are not your own kids. About a year ago before I left my ex, this man from the past started talking to me and we were able to keep in contact. I told him I’m not ready for a relationship but someday I will be and that I really like him still. He said he wasn’t ready now either and went into a longer thing with me later saying that he would not be able to give his all to a relationship and would leave me disappointed. He also said I was an amazing person and deserve so much better. He did say he could possibly see us together eventually (when we both have worked on ourselves). We have kept talking and hanging out together with a few mutual friends. In the last few months we haven’t hung out as much but we did the other day. It was fun, but I know I really care for him. And I am wondering if I really can be hanging out with him so much because what if he did not mean what he said and he just really does not want to try to be with me at all, then starts flirting with girls ect in front of me? Usually we all drink a bit when we hang out and go to the bar. He does have a binge drinking problem sometimes when he drinks, I do also but I still can generally control myself. We have had sex on two different occasions but he has been pretty drunk and seems to regret making that decision. I kinda think he only likes me when he is drunk, or he’s trying not to like me but his true feelings come out when he is drunk. I don’t know. There are a few other reasons that he may not want to be with me since he might not be able to get past them. One reason is that I have a kid with a person who he really hates deeply that at one point slept with the man I am interested in’s girlfriend. I regret my past relationship all the time, I would take it all back if I could. He was super emotionally and verbally abusive. I second guess if I am a bad person or any little thing that I do because of him. I love my son more than anything, he is the only good thing to have come from this past relationship. I really hope that it isn’t taking away the chance for my current love interest to actually give me a full chance to see where our relationship could go. I am in love with him, I was years ago also. I really think we could make things work and would be compatible to each other and make it. I do hope that some day we will develop our relationship in a positive way. Maybe I am like I was in highschool and back to dealing with unrequited love because its easier, but at the same time I know this man actually likes me. I just don’t know how much.

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