I Never Knew Life Could be so brutal

I ask myself everyday

Ok Ashley THIS is the day

Face your fears, pain and FIGHT back

I tell myself it will be ok

Every. Single. Day 

I tell myself this.

Do I though?


You see I died a long time ago. 

I was murdered by pain

and nobody heard my cries. 

I could not speak cause shock held back my screams.

  It seemed I had been forgotten 

and the pain only doubled.

Pain, took my life and took my time 

from my daughters

Tell me, How can I live if I can’t rewind? 

Outside Judgements , misunderstandings, and falling

so damn hard with no one to catch you.

The day I ran away

if only I knew that nobody was chasing me

I would have stayed

You see I died a long time ago

…I never knew life could be so brutal


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July 8, 2023

*giant hugs* 🙁

July 10, 2023

It is certainly hard to face your fears. Someday you might be more ready and feel more brave and confident to do so. It’s ok if you aren’t ready right now. But on the other side of your fears is contentness. You have been so resilient so far and you are tired. But Just know that you do have the power strength to get through ♥️