Rusty needs a sibling?

April 1, 2017 we adopted Purrkins, now known as Rusty. When we adopted him we were told they believed him to be about 2 years old, but he was so timid and tiny. I believe he was 8-8.5 lbs when we adopted him. He was fostered for a couple days while we prepared our house for him. It was time to pick him up (April 1) and he was so nervous and scared. He was let you hold him but he cuddled as close as possible. We never heard him meow once through out the whole car ride home. Once home we put him in our second bedroom, and we left the door open to allow him to roam. He basically stayed put for almost 2 days. As time went out he started to grew out of his timid nature and became more curious and adventerous.  It wasn’t until maybe he was with us for about 2 months before we hear him meow. He only really meows now when he wants food that we are about to place in his bowl OR if we were gone longer then normal hours and we greet him he lets us know it was not cool to leave him alone (we think that is why he meows).

Over the past year he has grew in length AND weight (only 1 lb). He is much more comfortable in the house, he knows its his, but he is STILL kind of scared/timid at times. Its like he is doing his thing but if you get up quick, sneeze walk to him he gets nervous and runs.  We think its cause he is just a bit scared and more and more we are thinking about getting him a brother/sister.

Ideally, if Rusty really is 2 about to be 3 (though he sure acted like a kitten with his energy), we would want a cat similar age or maybe a bit younger. Someone that would allow him to play but also help him become more confident.  Its really tough though going shelter to shelter seeing all these sweet kitties and just not being sure of which one.

This past weekend we had to had seen over 400 cats.  First we visited Cozy Cat Cottage, on Friday evening, as that is where we got rusty and figured maybe they had something else. They have like 50 or so cat’s it looked like and we met a cute boy name Dilliard. But needed to think on it. Saturday we went to Eat, Purr, Love Cafe where we had coffee and pet kitties. Sadly the 15 that were there were either too old or already adopted. After there we visited Cat Welfare Association which had over 200 cats.  It was overwhelming to see so many kitties in one place.  Then we decided to go back to Cozy Cat to get Dilliard. We got there at 345p and he was adopted a few hours earlier.

Sunday we ventured to Colony of Cats, which was very promising.  This was the first shelter are that didn’t seem to have lost of thier kitties having watery eyes and they all seemed SO social able to people and other cats.  We actually found the sweetest girl name Doris, but she was 6-7 years old. Dan wants her, but is worried it wouldnt be a fit for Rusty. We also met a couple others that were too cute for words.  We decided to put an application in and its good for 3 months time. Maybe after our trip and Dan’s business in April we may visit this again.

Anyone have any thoughts on it?

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