An Unexpected Turn of Events

In the middle of a sunny day, around 2 o’clock in the afternoon, shouts and laughter were heard from children enthusiastically playing one-on-one (a popular kid’s game here in our barangay). Watching them made me remember how my childhood days were. I thought to myself, we used to be like this before, running around every corner in the neighborhood, going to the sea, playing hide and seek, laughing and eating together. Before, all I was thinking was that I wanted to have a good time with my classmates in high school and hang out with them. Then suddenly, just in a heartbeat, everything changed. COVID-19 outbreaks and gives a severe blow to mankind. Classes were suspended, going outside was prohibited, almost all families suffered; death rates rapidly increased; businesses were forced to close down.I never thought this would happen. No one thought, actually.

Then a thought crossed my mind: what if the pandemic never happened, what would my life be like? Will I still have a good time with my friends? Will I still go to school every day and talk to my classmates? Will I still meet my math teacher now? Will I still have these kinds of feelings for him?

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