Memento MORI

Mori. Mory. Morrie. Moire. More. Morte.

Running towards repeat.


Endless yet finite. Given yet limited.

Lifetimes to run through together. Miracles and moments created in an unceasing  cosmic coil. Memories without a horizon, still confined by humanity.

In every lifetime, we bewitch each other anew. Tracking down the familiar. Magnetic and primal, our search is hungry.  Cells hunting home. Replicas reborn.

Though infinite, this chapter is brief. The essence of the phoenix propelling us.

Time is a shapeshifter that cannot hide from love. Love is unyielding and relentless. It’s unending pursuit briefly inconvenienced by Time’s temper tantrum.

And while Love might be interrrupted briefly, consorts reconvene. Dualities magnetically emerge from the cosmos to intertwine anew.

C’mon…go on an adventure with me.



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June 28, 2023

I love this!

June 28, 2023

Really? ❤️