The Sabbath

I kneel before the altar. Eyes wide with the glory of the baptism in sin that my love will envelop me in soon. Eager to write my confessions on his flesh,  I stand in this candlelit temple that we have created.  My wayward tongue finds his ear. His musky scent incense that inspires my most unholy incantations in the dark. “Evening, and morning, and at noon, will I pray, and cry aloud: and he shall hear my voice” I whisper in his ear. Yes, I will sing that psalm and lift his name to the heavens, for he is my savior. My light. And I tithe my body to his divine pilgrimage. Our carnal salvation coming in waves of ecstasy that bathe us in absolution. We are free in our desires. It is pure and true. 


He asks me to believe. And I do. Oh how I do. He does not understand the sheer depths of my devotion. And so I pray. I get back on my knees in front of my messiah. I take his staff eagerly in my lips. I pay homage to his flesh rhythmically and damply as he places his hands upon my head. Blessed by my angel, fingers entwined in my hair. 


Mine eyes have seen the light and it is dark and dangerous. The visceral nature of my lord draws me deeper. Evidence of my deep faith sliding down my thighs. My angel grows impatient and  lifts me onto himself. Ancient rites articulated with our bodies. I become a vessel for something timeless. His love fills me and I can see clearly.  He mercifully and gently strokes me until I cry out. My orgasm my deliverance into a cult that only we could understand.  I lay broken in his arms. I am christened anew and forever bound to his flesh. 


He continues. His homily on my flesh a testament to his deep desire for me. It is passionate and pleading. Full of love and lust. Curiosity and certainty. It is nirvana realized. And from his chalice flows the ropes of life and I long to bathe in them. He pumps them into me with fervor and growls out his unholy anthem. My ears receptacles to his breathless amens and nipples saturated in his sweat. 


And in those moments I realize my fate. He is my cross and crown. His body my cathedral. His love is my grace. His love is my mercy. My salvation.


 Forever and ever.


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June 16, 2023

I love this. Thank you.

July 2, 2023

Now this is awesome. Love the sexuality and the way you’ve framed it. Color me impressed…. and a bit aroused. Bravo. Really looking forward to exploring your other entries. Hope to see you reading mine.