Another Beginning

I’m debating whether or not to head down the “introduction, biography, and life history route,” but I’m not sure all of that is pertinent in the beginning.  Suffice to say, I need a place to sort out my thoughts and sometimes get an outside perspective.  Normally, I’d go to therapy, but online teletherapy meetings are not ideal for me.  The connection doesn’t feel real (or safe) for me when I’m looking at a screen.

When did all of our social support groups disappear?  I’m 37, and I remember clearly when I was a child, there was always a circle of friends there to help my mom, babysit us kids, to have fun with.  I’m not super social person, but I expected that at this stage in my life I would have more than two close friends.  Is it the way society is structured now?  We all have to work so much just to survive that meaningful friendships just don’t seem to have room to flourish.  I think that’s sad.  And even more than sad, I think it’s damaging something pretty basic in the fabric of our society.

I wrote on OpenDiary many, many moons ago.  I grew up here, practically, and I really cherish the friendships I made as a member of the site.  I can’t remember exactly why I fell away from it, but I am glad to be back.  I hope the sense of community hasn’t changed too much.

I’ve been out of the workplace for almost a year, which has been a great thing for my physical and mental health, and for my relationships with my kids and my husband.  But I do miss chit chatting with people every day.  So, consider this me, chit chatting a bit.  And hopefully I can work on untangling some issues that have been bugging me at the same time.

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