Just a FYI


Seems like you’re more in love with me when I’ve fallen out of love with you.

I don’t get it really, now you want to show me some attention?  Now you want to be affectionate with me?  Where were you so long ago?  How many times did I beg and plead with you just to be given the cold shoulder?  Now I’m supposed to be grateful that you finally see me.  I’m not.

So when you’re touching me and whispering things in my ear I don’t pay attention. I feel regret when I look at you and even though I don’t want to hurt you I know I will.  I want to look at you and tell you to not touch me and don’t try to have sex with me anymore.  Don’t wake up and grind into me and please stop telling me you love me every 10 seconds.  You say I’ve changed and I know I have, but you changed first and you can’t blame me for adapting.

There’s a reason they say too little too late, you can’t get the time back that you wasted.  Please stop trying to making something up that’s unforgivable. 

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June 6, 2011

So many people don’t appreciate what they had until it’s LONG gone, or they just want what they can’t have…

June 6, 2011

oh God. Narcissism… we always want what we “think” we can’t have… but… being a Narcissist, I ALWAYS get what I want, and if I don’t, I convince myself I got it somehow anyways… so yeah, maybe they think the same way?

June 6, 2011

I’ve been through enough men to tell you they are ALL like that.. but on most occasions, so am I lol