So, how are y’all tonight? It was Taco Tuesday at our home. I had a hard and soft shelled taco. I kind of lost half of the hard taco to the soft taco but still was nommy. 

I’m listening to REO Speedwagon. I had my shower but the sweaties have come creeping back bc it is so FUCKING hot in my room.

Julz gave Cath her tab bc Bees found my iPad so I gave Julz my tab… as it has more space. Hers was a 16 gig, mine was a 64… my iPad is 100 gig I think… it’s an iPad 2… I think. Crikey. It gets confusing at times. Bees is going to get me a cord and a brick from Amir.

My email is sjhunter99@icloud.com ok?


Toodles beautiful ODers!



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July 7, 2020

My daughter always has taco Tuesday. 😛

It’s hot here too. Try to stay cool.

July 7, 2020

We have some tortillas that have to be cooked and some taco meat! I am looking forward to that for dinner!
Music in the background? Grateful Dead on Sirius!

July 7, 2020

Here our Toco Tuesday place is like $1.50 now plus tax…It’s not worth it and for me to make it I like too much stuff in mine, but no beans.

July 7, 2020

Tonight was summer strawberry salad from Wendy’s.  I was at the gym prior to that.  It was a slow day again.  I had a meeting at lunch time and a nap before I went to the gym.

tomorrow will be a fairly long day.  Gym in the morning a training class in the afternoon and a meetup in the evening.

July 7, 2020

I never did understand the concept of a hard taco shell.  Unless people actually enjoy the taco falling apart in your hand when you take a bite of it. If the taco meat is greasy, then it soaks through the taco shell and the taco shell doesn’t crumble apart. All Hail Greasy Taco Meat!

July 11, 2020

I love tacos! But especially soft tacos.