Mid 90’s midlife crisis?

So, it’s 3a and I’ve got a song from the mid nineties in my head … yet again.

Is there such thing as having a midlife crisis that has much to do with the past? I think I have that. Yesterday I was considering dying my hair purple. Millennials do that shite, bc they can get away with that, but us Xers who are in our 40’s? Maybe not. Still purple hair…? Dom did hers half green, half purple, why? BECAUSE SHE IS YOUNG AND STUPID. Maybe with age comes common sense??

No one wants to look like the Joker.


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July 7, 2020

People eventually accept things the way they are. You may get some strange looks and comments at first, but eventually everything gets accepted as is. If you want to color your hair, then you go right ahead and do it.

The most important thing that you can ever do for yourself, is to make yourself happy. No one else on this Earth is going to do that for you. It is your sole responsibility to do whatever it takes to make yourself happy everyday.  Color your hair purple, and dance in the rain. Whatever makes you happy. 🙂


July 7, 2020

@socialstephen 😀 Yeah! LOL!!!

July 7, 2020

I am thinking purple with blue dots?