Recap of the Weekend

This weekend was decent.  Saturday, we went over to J’s coworker who he is building a friendship with.  I made my holiday mac and cheese and some cornbread casserole, they got friend chicken we ate dinner and then got ready for the fight.  The main event didn’t even come on until midnight which is crazy! I probably wouldn’t have agreeded to go and take the kids if I had know that.  I realized yet again of my continual aging.  I couldn’t see for CRAP driving home that late at night.  I was so relieved to get out of Detroit and 14 mile and onto the interstate! Between traffic cones, an insane amount traffic at that time of night, and the lights appearance due to my astigmatism.


We all slept late yesterday, and then J and I went grocery shopping for the week.  I am so disgusted at how expensive food has gotten, almost doubled.  I had to change one of the meals around because I just couldn’t make myself spend 28 dollars for a beef roast for french dip.  So tonight, we are having pork tenderloin and rice for dinner, tomorrow Cheesy Potatoe Casserole ( a family favorite) and then we are going to have Chicken Parmesean ( poor persons version we get premade chicken patties and do it that way so the kids will eat it).  Thursday is leftovers ( this is a weekly thing to not waste food, and J has his class that night so it’s a quick way to get him food after work and before class) and friday Frozen Pizza which we have done since the kids were little.


Next week is the Jelly Roll, Yelawolf, Struggle Jennings Concert and I am so excited.  Then I have next Friday off ( concert at my age requires the next day off work) and then I have one more week and then its my vacation week! SO SO EXCITED.  Found out this week that my bestest friends from Georgia and their kids booked the flight so they are coming up the end of my week vacation, for Labor Day and we are going to all hang out go to Ford Museum and Green field village with them, ( we have season passes ) and then take them up the Frankenmuth the Bavarian Town about an hour north of us where the World’s Largest Christmas Store is. It will do my homesick heart good to have some of MY people come and visit with me.  August is going to be a good month for me.


Work is quiet this morning.  I have work to do however, I plan on hardcore focusing on that after lunch and then we will be through the day.  I have to look up school stuff and supplies, etc and get all that ready.


Hope all is well with everyone.

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August 8, 2023

I love these snap shots of every day life, have fun with your concerts and vacation!