Covid, covid everywhere

Last week we found out that Tina, the other caregiver at Marty’s, had tested positive for Covid. She’d been around Marty’s house all the while until she got horribly sick and had to take time off. Come the weekend Marty was also horribly sick so we’re assuming he’s positive as well though he’s not been tested. In the meantime I had gone to dinner with my daughter and son. After days after we went to dinner my daughter got horribly sick and her test came back positive for covid too. So we’re thinking maybe I’m a carrier and gave it to her since I’ve been around Marty everyday. I still am feeling great. I haven’t tested myself. I don’t feel I need to unless I get sick. In the meantime I wear my mask anywhere I have to go and I don’t go anywhere unless it’s important. My daughter told me off today because she thinks I need to get tested and quarantine now. I don’t want to do that. I have to be there for Marty because Lilly will get rid of me if I don’t work. The only reason she’ll accept to not be there is if I come down with Covid myself and get really sick. So I’m exposed and in turn have exposed my daughter and my mom and dad unknowingly. So far my parents are fine and I’m still fine. I know Covid is serious but I kind of look at it like I do the flu. I get the vaccine and hope for the best with both. It’s out there and it seems those no matter how careful they are are still getting it just like how it happens with the flu. I’m not worried! If I do get it I’m sure I’ll be fine. 

Things are crazy as usual at work.  Lilly is doing everything to try and get rid of Tina because she’s mad that Tina came to work sick and got Marty sick. Then when she came back she said she no longer wanted to work anymore nights which she usually works 2 nights on the weekend. And she also wafts off one weekday so she can schedule doctors appointments. That all pissed Lilly off Brevard if Tina doesn’t work those times it all falls on Lilly. So Lilly interviewed a new woman and hired her to work Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She then texted Tina and told her she can have Monday and Friday mornings off but she still has to do the nights. Tina flipped out because she only wanted off 1 weekday and now Lilly is taking away 3 weekdays of hers. And Lilly is pissed because Tina didn’t call or show up on Saturday morning or night and said she won’t be there tonight either. They’re going back and forth both bitching to me about each other while I try to stay out of it all. Lilly is being extremely bossy lately with both of us and I’m trying to just bite my tongue and grit my teeth so I don’t lose my job. Lilly is doing that thing where she tells Marty it’s her or me.  And Marty will always pick her because she can stay the night and live there to take care of him where neither Tina nor I can or will. Lilly is making all the rules where we are concerned and Tina has tried to talk to Marty about it as I have done numerous times. It goes in one ear and out the other. He says he wants her gone but until someone can move in and take her place then he will have to deal with her. And to think he got engaged to her, smh… There is no real love there. He only does these things to keep her there so he has someone all night. In the meantime we all have to kind of do as she says our risk losing our job. It’s ridiculous. I have put my foot down with her and said I will do no more than I have already taken on. She took that to mean I now do ALL the dishes and ALL the laundry. Meaning when she makes dinner or dirtys any dishes she leaves the clean up to me. It pisses me off but again I bite my tongue and grit my teeth. 2 days ago I cleaned up most of her mess and told her that I was happy to help her clean up but that the 2 big pans than couldn’t go in the dishwasher were hers to clean and that I was leaving them for her. As of yesterday they still were sitting there and she ignored them all day and night. I have no doubt I’ll go in today and see them sitting there and I’ll break down and do them because it’s annoying seeing them sit there and take up space and make the kitchen look messy. It’s frustrating as hell but I need this job. 

Everything ends in my life is going great. I did manage to get Lilly to agree to give me a day off each week from now on… every Wednesday. I’ve been getting some new clothes and loving them! And I’ve been doing great on eating healthy… staying on track! I  also found my old hairstylist that I love and haven’t been to since like 2014. I’m trying to get ahold of him to start going back to him again.  He’s very expensive but very good!! I’m going to splurge on him if I can get back in again. He moved his salon a little closer to me so that’s a bonus. Gotta call him on Monday to try and get in. I think also I may start wearing a little make up again each day. It makes me feel better about myself. 

Well that’s all my friends… all caught up for now! I have to go take my dogs out, get my lemon water ready and head to work. Take care all!!

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January 9, 2022

Stay safe. It is covidy out there!<3