Recap of last few days

On the 2nd In the evening I worked and it was a good night but it seemed like it really dragged on. Marty didn’t drink too much so that was good and surprising seeing as his sister came over and it’s usually their drinking nights. He was mostly preoccupied on his Ipad. I had to make dinner for him and he wanted me to use his electric skillet to make his sausage links. I couldn’t find it anywhere so his sister started looking too but she also couldn’t find it. When he messaged Angel she said it was put away in the living room closet. What I found was a brand new one never opened. So I had to put it together. Luckily I heard alittle help from Martys sister. I fed him and was ready to leave shortly after. The next day, Saturday, I was suppose to work but he didn’t feel like getting out of bed so he told me I could have the day off. I used Saturday to get most of my grocery shopping done. I still have a few things to get at Rulli Bros and Sam’s Club which I’ll hit tomorrow. I always heard that eating healthier was expensive and people weren’t kidding. It’s really a shame that it’s like that. No wonder more of our population is obese. I got ALOT of fruit! I picked up several different types of lettuce and all the things I needed for my salads that I plan on making. I made sure to get a bunch of lemons and limes to cut up and add to my bottled water so that I stay away from pop and sugared teas. So far so good…I love the water with the citrus taste to it. I do have several or so cans of pop left to finish and I’ll take them with me to Marty’s when I work until their all gone. 

Yesterday I baked 2 pans of S’mores brownies for my mom and dads picnic. I knew I’d be off my diet for the picnic but I was careful to not eat alot of what was there. I had a cheeseburger and 1 and a half small brownies but that’s all. We first got together to watch the parade and it was nice seeing my brother with his daughter getting all the candy they threw. After the picnic we went to my mom’s backyard to start the picnic. I started out in a bad mood but luckily it passed and I enjoyed being with everyone. When I left the picnic I relaxed at home and watched TV and when I got hungry I had some bing cherries and water with lime. My mom is changing her eating habits along with me but yesterday she took full advantage of taking a day off from it. I didn’t want to stray too much. Today I visited with mom and brought Tito with me. Now I’m home and had a lite lunch and am about to make a blackened chicken cobb salad to bring with me to work tonight. I planned on also making my fruit salad but I left the honey at my mom’s and the recipe has a honey lime dressing that it’s tossed in. I guess I’ll make it tomorrow. 

Tonight when I’m at work my brother will be coming by to give a quote on some landscaping that Marty wants done. He already got one quote but when he heard my brother also did landscaping he said he’d rather give him the money than the other people. It’s a big job so I hope my brother has people to help him if he gets the job. 

Marty also insists on paying me for my day off when I was suppose to work. He said since he was the one to call me off work he intends to still pay me. It’s the way he does things he says. It’s great and all but I feel like it’s taking advantage of him. I can’t talk him out of it though. 

I guess that’s about all for now. Gonna watch some TV then make my salad and head into work. It’s going to be 91° today so I’ll be staying indoors in the air conditioning. Hope everyone is staying cool as well! Take care!

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